Although many visitors talk about the town of Alcudia as if it is just one single destination, the reality is that this Majorcan town is actually better classified into three distinct locations. Platja d’Alcudia, or Alcudia Beach, consists of several miles of beautiful white sandy shoreline. The walled town of Alcudia, called the Old Town by most, is full of ancient and Roman ruins.


The third and final section of Alcudia is Port d’Alcudia, or Alcudia Port. It is here that visitors can enjoy everything from beaches and great nightlife to fun activities for the entire family. It is a safe and attractive destination, and it combines the fun of the beach and access to the old town without excessive transport. Read on to learn about the dining options, beaches, accommodations and activities for children and families in Alcudia Port.

Beaches in Alcudia Port: One of the main attractions for children of all ages in Alcudia Port are the many beaches. A long pedestrian pathway, known as the Paseo Maritimo, runs alongside the entire port and next to a number of beautiful beaches. The main beach, which is also called Port Alcudia, is ranked as a four-star beach, earning the highest honours of any beach in Majorca. Not only is the sand soft and plentiful and the water clear and refreshing, but there are also numerous lifeguards on duty throughout the day. Parents will definitely appreciate that safety is a concern at Alcudia Port. If you plan to spend your days relaxing on the beach, there are places to seek out shade for younger children, places to purchase beach equipment like buckets and spades and even vendors selling cold drinks throughout the day.


Accommodations in Alcudia Port: Although there is a range of accommodation choices in Alcudia Port, there are limited numbers of boutique hotels and very affordable hostels. The most common lodging choices are the plentiful mid-level hotels and resorts. These are typically the perfect option for families. Instead of needing to rent a car and travel each day, you can simply head to the hotel for breakfast and walk right onto the beach. This is safe for children, and families will be able to stick together while still pursuing individual interests.

Dining in Alcudia Port: Since Alcudia Port receives a number of families visiting the area throughout the year, the restaurants cater specifically to British tastes. If you have picky children that only want to eat food from their home country, you can dine at the Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, German, British or American restaurants. However, there are also a handful of exceptional Mallorcan and Spanish restaurants to choose from as well. Although there is plenty of nightlife, there is not a nightlife scene that is unsafe or unpleasant for children, so parents should feel free to walk along the Paseo Maritimo at night with no problems.

Family Activities in Alcudia Port: Even aside from the beaches, there are a number of great family activities to enjoy in Alcudia Port. The large public swimming pool is a great way to spend time if your own hotel does not have a pool, and the public sports centre is a wonderful place to play tennis or basketball as a family. There is also a fun arcade full of games, and families can rent boats or take sailing lessons right on the beach.

With great food, affordable and comfortable hotels, beautiful beaches and no end to the fun activities that all ages can enjoy, it is clear to see that Alcudia Port is a great family holiday destination.