Alcudia old town is one of the most beautiful and historical destinations on the entire island of Majorca. Although most people visit Alcudia in order to walk along the Paseo Maritimo or swim in the remarkable beaches, all visitors should also make time to visit the area known as the Old Town.

The Old Town is full of amazing architecture and Roman ruins that have been standing for more than two thousand years, so there is always plenty to do and see. If you are a history lover, or if you simply want to get a better feel for the local culture in northern Majorca, then a trip to Alcudia Old Town is a great choice.

History of Alcudia Old Town
Before you begin your visit to this area of the island it is important to have a basic understanding of the town’s incredible history. Although there is evidence that suggest that people have lived in Alcudia since the Bronze age, the first proof of settlement is by the Romans in 123 B.C. In many ways, Alcudia was a sister village to the nearby Roman settlement of Pollensa, which is located just a few miles away.

After the Romans, the town was inhabited by the Vandals and then the Moors. The word Alcudia actually is derived from a Moorish term for ‘on the hill’, which was how the town was initially described. In the last 18th century, a harbour was built to create a source of revenue for residents, but the town still remained a small village until tourism began booming in the late 20th century.

Dining and Nightlife in the Area
Although it is possible to find an incredible variety of international cuisines nearby at Alcudia Port, the Old Town is where diners can really get a taste of the local culinary landscape. At Genestar, one of the top restaurants in the Old Town, diners are a mix of locals and tourists. The head chef Juanjo offers a five-course tasting menu that features two appetizers, a local fish course, a hearty meat entrée and a dessert, and it all comes in under 30 euro. Sa Portassa is another great dining option in Alcudia Old Town, and the menu includes a variety of traditional appetizers, called tapas, that include such specialities as pa’amb oli, a local bread served with olive oil, tomatoes, garlic and cheese.

Hotels and Accommodation Options
One of the great things about staying in Old Town is that there are a number of excellent, welcoming and luxurious boutique hotels to choose from on your holiday. Instead of giant international chain hotels located closer to the beach, these small and unique accommodation choices allow you to feel pampered. Some of the best options for a relaxing and upscale trip include the Hotel Cas Ferrer, Can Pere and the Hotel Sant Jaume, both of which are located within the historic walled town.

Historical Attractions in Alcudia Old Town
Of course, the main reason to visit here is to tour the many incredible historic structures in the area. Start by admiring the 14th century wall that surrounds the city, and try to spot the ruins of another nearby Roman settlement that did not last. Inside the walls, take in the beauty of the Roman theater, which dates to the first century B.C., a small Roman church and even a 19th century bull ring that is still available for visitors to tour.

Visiting the Old Town is very different from the nearby beaches and port. It offers a glimpse into the history of Majorca, but it also provides incredible luxury accommodation and upscale dining options.

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