Answers to some very common questions about Puerto Pollensa and the rest of Majorca. If you have any questions about the resort you would like answered then contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Q: What day is the local market on in Puerto Pollensa?
A: The market is on every Wednesday in the main square, there is also a market on in Pollensa town every Sunday.

Q: Is there a public swimming pool in Puerto Pollensa?
A:Yes. although the beach and the sea at Puerto Pollensa are ideal for most people, some prefer to swim in a pool and this facility is now available within the town. The new attractive modern structure was opened in 2008 and a car park is available adjacent to the complex. The price of admission is approximately 3 euros.
Full information including location and photographs is included within the web site.

Q: Can you drink the tap water?
A: In the past it was not advisable to drink the tap water or even use it to clean your teeth, but now the water quality has dramatically improved. To be on the safe side we would recommend drinking bottled water but the tap water is fine for brushing your teeth and cleaning fruit and vegetables in your apartment.

Q: What is the easiest way to get about Puerto Pollensa?
A: Port de Pollenca is not a large town so everything is easily within walking distance. If you do want to visit another part of the island there are frequent cheap public buses which you can get from the bus terminus at the marina entrance, the taxi rank is also situated there.

Q: Does it rain during the summer in in Puerto Pollenca?
A: There is normally almost no rain during the summer, which can be a problem in cultivating crops etc. This year for example, during a two week holiday there, we had two hours of rain and it was very welcome in helping to keep us cool. I have seen it rain for a day or two, however, you can be fairly sure that during the height of the summer, it should be mainly very sunny and enjoyable.

Q: Is Puerto Pollensa Hilly?
A: No the entire town is almost flat, which makes it easy to walk around and to push a buggy or a wheelchair. Although there are mountains within a ten minute drive from the town, you will enjoy walking around Puerto Pollensa or riding a bicycle.

Q: Does any noisy entertainment in hotels extend beyond midnight?
A: A large proportion of holidaymakers are young families and normally the area becomes relatively quiet after midnight.

Q: Do the shops close in the afternoon for siesta?
A: It used to be a tradition in Spain for all shops to close in the afternoon, to enable the staff to rest for a few hours and then the premises reopened again in the late afternoon. Although to some extent it still happens, you will also find that lots of shops, restaurants etc now remain open in order to be available for holiday makers, in what is a fairly short holiday season. Most of the shops are open until late evening,–giving you maximum opportunity to spend your holiday money. The customers don’t usually have time to rest !!!!! They are far too busy enjoying themselves.

Q: Why does the sea plane fly about the area?
A: Every time it lands in the bay, it scoops up sea water. It then takes off and flies over the mountains, where it uses the water to spray the mountainside. This helps to reduce the likelihood of fires starting during the hot dry summer months.

Q: Do many people speak English in Puerto Pollensa?
A: Yes.—You will have no difficulty in being understood. The majority of the local people who you will be speaking to, in for example shops and restaurants speak some English and in addition, they quite often also speak some German.

Q: Is there a lively nightlife?
A: I know of one Disco which seems to be popular. It’s called—“CHIVAS” and it is located at the road which runs parallel with the back boundary of the main square. Listen for the music,– or you may just have to ask directions. There may be other clubs, but you will have to seek them out.

Q: Are there many banks in Puerto Pollensa?
A: Barclays have within the last year opened an impressive looking Bank, which is located within a five minute walk from the main roundabout. You will find it easily. A short distance from Barclays Bank, is the— Santander Bank, (Abbey -National is part of that group). In addition, there are several other Banks in convenient places. You will be able to use your Visa and Mastercard in most Restaurants and Shops.

Q: Are there any English and Irish Pubs in Puerto Pollensa?
A: If you prefer to relax in surroundings which remind you of your “local” back home, then you will easily find one here. There are several, including Trotters Bar and The Nags Head.
Just ask for directions. If an Irish theme is your preference, you will find one located close to the main square.

Q: Can you buy British newspapers in Pollensa Pollensa?
A: Yes. Up until a few years ago, you could only buy British newspapers at a small number of outlets and as they were flown into Majorca from Great Britain , they did not normally arrive until mid afternoon. That has now changed and you will find newspapers for sale from early morning in most Supermarkets and other outlets around the town. As many of these newspapers are now printed in Spain , travelling times are much shorter. Newspapers from France , Germany , Italy etc are also easily available.

Q: Where is a good place to buy ice cream?
A: The location which attracts the crowds for a great ice cream is at the main roundabout. There is a timber building located close to the Gran Café 1919 where ice cream is sold. It seems to be particularly busy during the evenings, as holidaymakers often buy an ice cream and then have a stroll along towards The Pinewalk or The Marina This particular seller has been there for many years and has an enviable reputation for quality.

Q: What is the name of the mountain range?
A: The mountains which tower over Puerto Pollensa are rugged and spectacular. They almost look as if they are guarding the area. They are called the Tramutana Mountain Range.

Q: Is there a ladies hairdresser in the resort?
A: Its called –“WAVES” and is located at Calle Mendez Nunez 17.( opposite Flora Apartments.) Their range of hair services includes– Cut and Blow Dry, Shampoo and Set, Colours.Perms, Manicure, Nail Bar etc..

Is there a golf course in the area?
A. There are two golf courses in this locality. A 9 hole course just beyond Pollensa town and an 18 hole course in Alcanada. Follow the signs from the town of Alcudia .

Q: Are there public toilets either on or near the beach.
A: Very recently, public toilet facilities were installed on the part of the beach located between the main roundabout and onwards in the direction of Alcudia. There are several toilet blocks and there is a small charge for using them. From the roundabout in the direction of the Pinewalk, the normal custom is to ask for
permission in one of the restaurants and a small purchase there usually helps. A photograph of the toilet blocks can be found within the web site.