For most of us a holiday in Majorca is a chance to disconnect from the rest of the world and completely relax. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has that luxury. You might need to send emails back to the office, or you might just want to stay connected to friends and family with your phone or your laptop computer. Typically, the cheapest and most secure way to find a WiFi connection is to have it at the hotel where you are staying. If you can’t access it at your hotel, or they don’t offer it, then you can choose from one of the following places in the resort that does offer WiFi to guests.

Palms Internet Café
If you want a secure connection, or if you want to use a desktop computer rather than your personal device, then you will want to visit the Palms, an Internet cafe and bar opposite the Pollensa Park Hotel. They show live sporting events, offer a children’s care room and serve up delicious drinks and food along with your Internet connection. They are open daily from 8:30 a.m. until late at night.

Match Point
This sports bar and beer house in Puerto Pollensa offers free WiFi to all paying customers. They have 11 screens showing matches and games from around the world throughout the day and night, but the mornings are quiet and ideal for checking emails or even catching up on work with a coffee or a quick bite to eat.

Store Formentor Cafe & Take Away
This fabulous store in Puerto Pollensa sells local grocery products as well as frozen foods, snacks and drinks that visitors and residents miss from back home. If you want to connect to the WiFi, just ask a staff member for the password and you can enjoy unlimited use. Stay for a while and dig into a cooked meal on the terrace or sip a glass of wine while you catch up with social media online.

El Posito
If you want to use a secure WiFi connection and dine on authentic Mallorcan cuisine at the same time, one of the best choices in Puerto Pollensa will be the bar and restaurant called El Posito. Although their kitchen doesn’t open until noon, their doors open at 7 a.m. and there are a trickle of visitors who order coffees and juices while using the Internet. Its convenient location behind the church square in town makes it a great spot for most travelers.

Can Balache
Holidaymakers who want to access a WiFi connection but still enjoy the beautiful scenery in Puerto Pollensa might want to stop in at Can Balache, a British-run cafe and bar that offers free Internet connections for diners. They serve full breakfasts each morning, or you could check your emails with a refreshing beer in the afternoon.

Wherever you happen to be in Puerto Pollensa, you won’t be far from a WiFi connection spot. Many of the restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels provide WiFi for their guests and diners to use free of charge.