Hipica Formentor is owned and managed by Lorenzo Crespi who has worked with horses for all of his life, including being a jockey’s groom at Newmarket in the UK during his youth. Since then he has trained as a farrier and bear hoof trimmer. He converted to a natural horse care regime seven years ago and now all of the horses are barehoof and bitless and eat a low sugar diet. He is working on the large paddock to create small hills and a lake as horses love to climb and swim.

Lorenzo believes that for horses to be as healthy and happy as possible, they must be allowed to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. His horses live as near as possible to their natural state in the wild, outdoors and in groups. They have bare hooves which are regularly trimmed to promote a strong natural structure. He has designed a bridle to give the rider control without the use of a bit (which is unnatural to horses).

People who ride at Hipica Formentor find the horses to be amazingly calm, friendly and willing. This is because they live so happily with their families and many of the horses have been born into the herd and never suffered the trauma of separation. They love people and love to work.

There is a large group of regular riders and owners who keep their horses at the stables in livery. Many people are English or German as well as Mallorquine and we mostly talk to each other and our guests in English. The stables celebrate and participate in local cultural events and offers workshops in cooking traditional Mallorquine food. Many of activities include stopping off to sample local tapas, lunch or dinner specialities.

The stable is just off the main Ma-13 road running from the end of the motorway to Sa Pobla and is easy to get to from holiday destinations in the north of the island.

We offer 90 minute rides in the pretty countryside on the fringes of the Albufera wildlife park. The broad green plains of the Sa Pobla agricultural plain are bordered with beautiful views of mountains in two directions. The sunsets are stunning. The nearby Tramuntana mountains can be white with snow in the winter and are luminescent with often changing colours for the rest of the year. For children under 6, we offer a 45 minute mini-ride, where parents help their children brush and prepare the horse and then lead them on a walk in the countryside.

As well as our standard 90 minute rides, we offer half day tapas rides stopping at authentic local bars for tapas and drinks. For more experienced riders we also offer an all-day mountain ride from the stable to Lluc Monastery with a lunch stop on the way. Riders travel through changing countryside rising to the stunning Tramuntana mountains with views over the island to the sea.

We also offer a wonderful all-inclusive three-day mountain trail, with food drinks and accommodation, during the cooler months of the year. The horses amaze our riders with their sure footed and enthusiastic climbing into the high Tramuntana. We ride up from Sa Pobla to the monastery in Lluc on the first day and stay there for two nights. On the second day we ride up high along the mountain paths to what feels like the top of the world and see the massive snow cave at Galilea. On the third day we ride down the old pilgrim route to Pollensa old town through enchanted forests.

Mini-ride for children: 20€
Standard 90 minute ride: 35€
Tapas ride, including food and drink: 85€
All day mountain ride including lunch: 139€
Three-day all-inclusive mountain trail:675€

To book or for more information, call 34 609 826 703, email info@hipicaformentor.com or visit our website www.hipicaformentor.com