The town of Alcudia is a popular destination for holidaymakers visiting the island. Although it is far less crowded than places like the capital of Palma de Mallorca, it does receive plenty of visitors who are eager to explore places like the nearby S’Albufera Natural Park and the ancient Roman ruins. One of the most impressive parts of Alcudia is the Old Town, which is surrounded by walls from the 13th century. The architecture still stands as a tangible reminder of Alcudia’s rich history, and many travelers go out of their way to stay in hotels in and around the old town. Here are some of the excellent hotels in Alcudia’s Old Town.

Hotel Can Tem: Travelers who are more concerned with exploring Alcudia’s history and culture than the beach will love Hotel Cam Tem, which is located right in the heart of the Old Town. The building itself is from the 17th century, and it was once the mansion home of a wealthy family from the region. Although Hotel Can Tem is historic, it is far from rustic. Guests will enjoy amenities like free wireless Internet in every room, air conditioning and satellite television. There are only six rooms in Hotel Can Tem, which means that every guests enjoys personalized attention from the hotel owners. Along with your room key, you will get a large key that actually opens the hotel front door and provides access to the inner courtyard, which is the ultimate place to relax and enjoy the nice weather. A traditional Spanish breakfast is served daily in the courtyard, and guests can walk with the host to the large outdoor market if desired. Anyone who wants to get a feel for the traditional side of Alcudia will appreciate Hotel Can Tem.

Hotel Can Simo: This hotel is another traditional Mallorcan manor home, and it dates back to the early 19th century. Since it is located just steps from a major bus station and several local stores, it is perfect for travelers who want to be in the heart of the city and experience life as a local. Each of the seven suites comes equipped with air conditioning, private bathrooms, wireless Internet access, a safety deposit box and satellite television. A few of the rooms have balconies that overlook the bustling streets of the old city below, and one of the larger rooms also boasts a jacuzzi and private access to the rooftop. Every day at Hotel Can Simo starts with a full Mediterranean breakfast buffet with cheeses, fruits, olives, meats and breads. Generally, Hotel Can Simo is considered to be the most romantic of the hotels in Alcudia’s Old Town, but it is still quite affordable.

Hotel Sant Jaume: This hotel is the largest of the accommodation choices right in the heart of Alcudia’s Old Town, but it still retains the charm and history of the other area hotels. Each of the rooms are beautifully decorated with dark polished woods, and much of the work was done by artisans living in the area. When you are not in your room, you can enjoy the views from the balcony, the roaring fireplace in the lobby or the stunning and warm inner courtyard that is reserved just for hotel guests. Just step outside the front door for access to the shops, restaurants and churches that make up the heart of the Old Town, or hop on the bus to head straight to the beach in less than 10 minutes.

Although there are a number of excellent hotels in Alcudia, these traditional and architecturally interesting hotels in the Old Town are some of the best accommodation choices in Majorca.