When most people think of the Balearic Islands, and of Majorca in particular, we imagine beautiful sandy beaches and luxurious resorts. While the island certainly does have lots of both things, there are also some unexpected attractions that visitors will want to see. One of these incredible destinations is the Parc Natural De S’Albufera.

Believe it or not, this is a giant wetland region, and it is home to a staggering population of birds. If you have an interest in nature, the local culture and landscape of Majorca or you simply want a chance to escape the crowds, then the Parc Natural De S’Albufera may just be the perfect attraction for you.

History of the Park
Archaeologists and researchers believe that the land that makes up the Parc Natural De S’Albufera is more than 18 million years old. Many years ago, it was actually a lagoon that was completely separated from the ocean by countless dunes. Over time, however, the lagoon has been filled with sediment and now resembles a flood plain more than a lagoon. The Parc Natural De S’Albufera is the largest wetland park in the Balearic Islands, and it occupies more than 1708 hectares of land. Over the past several decades, the area has served as the perfect alternative for visitors who have had their fill of sand and sun.

Getting there
Although the land is one of the most significant destinations on the island of Majorca, it is not as popular among tourists as the beaches, nightclubs and upscale resorts. Therefore, it is important that you know how to find the park without needing to follow signposts. The Parc Natural De S’Albufera is located just a few miles from Alcudia, and many holidaymakers opt to take the affordable bus service directly to the entrance of the park.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you have a car, you can’t drive it into the park. Only pedestrians and cyclists are allowed to enter the park, which helps to keep noise levels down and prevent the birds and other wild animals from being scared.

Things to See 
There can be no doubt that the main things to see within the park are the many species of wildlife who live in the wetlands. The Parc Natural De S’Albufera is the top birdwatching destination in the Balearic Islands, as it boasts more than 270 species of birds to admire.

Visitors can see everything from ducks to flamingos in the park. In addition, there is a staggering number of plants and animals. Plants grow in the wetlands and on the dunes, and some of these plants are found nowhere else on the planet. There are also eels, turtles and frogs throughout the park.

Things to Do
For the most part, visitors within the Parc Natural De S’Albufera are free to walk around and explore the area at their leisure. Birdwatching, hiking, walking or cycling is allowed. However, it is important to remember that no one is permitted to touch or harm the birds, gather plants or bring their pets into the park.

The area is an incredible destination full of wildlife. Make sure to include it in your travel plans on your next trip to the north of Majorca.

Birdwatching in north Majorca