Resorts In North Majorca

As the largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is a major European tourism destination. Visitors to the island remark that the beauty, the climate and the relaxed atmosphere is what brings them back time and time again.

Although the entire island has wonderful attractions and stunning scenery, the northern section of the island is the region that many believe to be the most beautiful. However, some tourists find it challenging to narrow down their options and choose just one of the many different resort areas in north.

If you trying to find the perfect resort location for an upcoming holiday, use this guide to learn more about some of the most popular options for visitors.

Puerto Pollensa

One of the most interesting destinations on the northern coast of Majorca is this quiet village. Since it boasts a traditional Spanish feel, it is widely regarded as one of the best resort areas for those who want to get a glimpse of the local culture.

Puerto Pollensa has a fantastic beach, accommodation ranging from luxury to basic and a town square bursting with local shops and restaurants. Perhaps the best part of visiting Puerto Pollensa is having access to the Pine Walk, a two-mile coastal pathway that provides breathtaking views over the water.


One of the most scenic destinations in all of Majorca is found at Cap de Formentor, the most eastern point on the island. Formentor boasts a bluff that looks over the ocean, and it is a breathtakingly beautiful view.

Although the area is relatively quiet, there are many holiday makers who come to Formentor for the scenery and for the luxury hotel.


Alcudia  is the perfect place for people who prefer being outdoors and staying active while on their holiday. Visitors can relax on the beach and go swimming, or they can hike right up into the mountains of Sierra de Tramontura.

One of the top hikes in Majorca starts at Alcudia, and it goes right to Talaia d’Alcudia. The town of Alcudia also boasts incredible 13th century architecture, Roman ruins and convenient access to the nearby S’Albufera Natural Park. This park is the most impressive nature preserve in the Balearic Islands, and it consists of a wetland with lots of natural wildlife and wonderful paths for walking and cycling.

Cala San Vicente

This is one of the smallest resort towns in all of Majorca. Located on the north-eastern side of the island, it is just two miles from Puerto Pollensa. This is still a traditional fishing village, although tourism has certainly affected the local way of life.

If you are looking for a glimpse into traditional life on the island, Cala San Vincete is a great place to do so. Relax on stunning beaches next to fishermen repairing their nets, dine at authentic restaurants and enjoy a quieter atmosphere than in places like the capital of Palma.

Can Picafort

For those who are in search of a destination in northern Majorca that boasts architectural sites, Can Picafort is the perfect vacation option.

The beaches are beautiful and the dining scene is thriving, but the area is best known as the Cemetery of the Phoenicians, thanks to the 150 recognized sites that date back before even Roman times. Another reasons that Can Picafort is so popular is because it is just a few miles from Alcudia, where some visitors head for bigger nights out on the town.