Sierra de Tramuntana in Majorca

This beautiful Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range (en catalán Serra de Tramuntana) has been recognised by UNESCO and awarded World Heritage Status for Physical and Cultural Significance. If you’re looking to get away from the usual tourist traps and have an adventurous spirit, the Sierra de Tramuntana is the perfect place on the island to explore.

This mountain range runs across the northwest coast of the island and provides locals and tourists with countless exciting activities, breathtaking vantage points and historical landmarks. If you are planning an upcoming holiday to the north of the island, then read on to learn more about the mountain range, what kinds of accommodations are located in the region, what activities you can enjoy, the top destinations within Sierra de Tramontana and more.

Getting to Sierra de Tramuntana

Although there can be no doubt that this mountain range is one of the most impressive landmarks on the entire island of Majorca, a shocking number of tourists never leave the southern beaches to discover it. If you are interested in visiting the region for a few days or even for your entire holiday, there are plenty of transportation options to get you there.

The only major airport on the island is in Palma de Mallorca, so most visitors will start their journey in this capital city. Car rental is inexpensive, but there is also a train that runs a direct route between Palma and Sóller, a seaside town in the heart of the Sierra de Tramuntana. There are also many buses throughout the region, most of which are timely and very affordable.

Accommodations in the Region

Since the Sierra de Tramuntana region of Majorca is such a beautiful destination, there are a number of hotels and resorts that cater to international travelers. In the coastal town of Sóller, visitors can choose between the Land Hotel Ca’s Curial, a hotel with spectacular mountain views that is a short walk from the city center, and Immobiliaria Mas Properties, which boasts rustic Mediterranean villas in fragrant orange fields.

For luxury beachfront resorts, Port de Pollenca has some wonderful options. Both the Illa D’or Hotel and the Miramar Hotel are top end, with luxurious amenities and a stunning location overlooking the blue water of the bay.

Top Activities to Enjoy in the Area

Sierra de Tramonta is a paradise for those who enjoy outdoor recreation. Whether you are just looking for a chance to spend time in a scenic environment or you are searching for a thrilling activity, you can find it in this region. If you enjoy cycling, then head to the Sóller Pass, an older road with few cars that stretches for miles. Of course, rocky terrain at higher elevations makes mountain biking a great option as well. Hiking is perhaps one of the most popular activities in the area, and there are trails to suit every fitness level.

One wonderful walk is from Port de Pollenca to Cala San Vincete, a walk that can be completed in less than two hours and affords hikers with breathtaking views.

Worth a Visit Within the Sierra de Tramontana range

There are a number of fascinating and scenic destinations in Sierra de Tramontana that visitors should add to their travel itineraries. The outdoor markets, held once a week in Puerto Pollensa and Pollenca town, are great glimpses into the local culture. Architecture enthusiasts will want to stop by the large church in the center of Soller, which was built by a student of Gaudi.