The Boquer Valley is on the neck of the Formentor Peninsula on the outskirts of the resort and can only be accessed by foot for a pleasurable walk that is 3km long. The starting wide pathway was once a section of the entrance road to the Boquer Farm. You zig-zag upwards gently and arrive at metal gates. Passing through those, you arrive at the farmhouse buildings and have an amazing view from the courtyard back toward Puerto Pollensa and the bay.

Going through another metal gate takes you along a stony but gentle climb up toward a pass that is narrow and between limestone rocks. After that the track widens and continues uphill gently. There is still abandoned farm machinery around. You may also be joined by farm goats that roam the area!

Next is a gate in an old stone wall that fills the full width of the valley. There is also a limestone ridge that shelters the valley from northerly winds that can be strong, and one side of the ridge drops a dramatic 300 meters right into the sea. These Horse Bernat Mountains rise to approximately 360m above sea level and have inclines up to 45 degrees.

In some places you will see palm trees and sometimes even orchids. There is a trail that leads down to an unspoiled cove with a small beach and clear water where you can take a break and enjoy a swim. At times it is difficult to get to the cove if parts of the trail are overgrown.

There are huge boulders strewn over the valley. Most are fairly high at 3 meters or more. Roped climbing is forbidden although local climbers are trying to change that.

This valley is a stopping off point for migrating birds between Africa and Europe in early spring and late autumn. It gives you the opportunity to likely see black or Egyptian vultures, eagles, ospreys, night heron, goldfinch, red-legged partridge, Eurasian scops owls, nightingales, falcons, Golden Orioles, Northern Raven, and more. The scrub-covered slopes provide the perfect habitat for such birds as they complete their migrations.

Take lots of water with you because the heat is often intense. It is definitely recommended to wear sturdy walking boots. Also take your camera because the views of birds, boulders, and countryside are magnificent.

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