Like many coastal towns in Majorca, Puerto Pollensa boasts great recreation opportunities, scenic views of the nearby mountains and access to the sea. What sets this resort apart from many others on the island is the beautiful Pine Walk.

The pride of Puerto Pollensa is the Pine Walk, a coastal pathway that stretches for just over two miles. Since the pathway runs along the coastline, many people are confused about how the walk earned its name. By taking a closer look, you can see that pine trees line the opposite side of the walkway and provide shade for walkers, giving the Pine Walk its descriptive name.

This pathway is one of the most popular places to walk in the entire area, so both locals and tourists spend much of their time heading up and down the Pine Walk. The busier end of the Pine Walk starts at the promenade near the Sis Pins hotel and heads to the quieter end near the Illa Dor Hotel.

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Although the main two reasons that people use the Pine Walk is to enjoy the scenery and to get to their intended destination, there are still plenty of activities that you can enjoy along the way. Many locals can be seen jogging and cycling along the path, and there are places to rent bicycles if that sounds like fun to you. You can also stop off at the beach along the Pine Walk, which provide great swimming options. Of course, many tourists bar-hop along the pathway thanks to the sheer number of cafes, bars and restaurants that dot the Pine Walk.

Although the main attraction for visitors who frequent the Pine Walk is simply the magnificent coastal scenery, there are also some interesting landmarks that you won’t want to miss. Keep your eyes open for a large bronze bust of the famed Spanish artist Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa, a revered man in Majorca. There is also a military base near the left end of the Pine Walk and visitors will enjoy seeing the bright yellow plane that is displayed out front.

There are a number of eateries and bars that line the Pine Walk. Whether you want to sip a quiet cocktail overlooking the water, dig into a hearty local meal or meet other young people for a fun night out, this is place to find it all.

The Hostal Bahia is a local favourite that has a beautiful veranda for guests to drink, and the restaurant the Corb Mari is a top pick among the seafood restaurants in Puerto Pollensa.

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