Traditional Majorcan Food

If you are going on holiday in Mallorca one of the wonderful things is the excellent food you can eat. Spain is renowned for its amazing seafood, olive oil, paella and tapas.

Most restaurants in Puerto Pollensa offer a set meal which will include – A starter, main course and dessert, a drink and bread and olives. Prices vary but expect to pay between 8 – 20 euros for a set meal.

Common Mallorcan Dishes

P amb oli – this is simply bread, garlic, olive oil and tomatoes.
Sobrasada – This is a red pork sausage seasoned with herbs.
Arroz Brut – A rice dish (not unlike soup) with either meat or fish in it.
Paella – A mix of rice, meat, fish, shellfish and vegetables. (It is worth noting this paella comes complete with bones and shell, which is not to everyone’s taste)

Puerto Pollensa has a great selection of restaurants to suit all budgets and tastes. It is also encouraging to know that most restaurants now cater well for vegetarians which is something that wasn’t the case a few years ago.